Race info

Here you’ll find information about the race. Updates are made continuously as all the pieces falls into place.

Time and place

The competition will be held in Karlskrona Saturday August 5th to Sunday August 6th.
Friday 4th will we offer everyone to try out SUP!

Sign up

You can sign up from April to July 15th.
It is also possible to sign up at the day of the race with a extra fee of 100 SEK for entering a competition class.

Classes, distances and fees

SUP-race competition class male and female. 19 years of age or older.

Distance, 8-10 km. Entrance fee 200 SEK.
Technical course, 3-4 km two lap racetrack. Entrance fee 200 SEK.
Entrance in both distances, 300 SEK.
Super sprint, 100 meters,  100 SEK.

Youth and Juniors. 7-14 and 15-18 years of age, respectively.

Distance, 3 km. Entrance fee 100 SEK.
Technical course, 800 meters. Entrance fee 100 SEK.
Entrance in both distances, 150 SEK.

Amateurs. 14 years of age or older.

Distance, 2,5-3 km. Can be adjusted based on race day conditions. Entrance fee 100 SEK.
Super sprint, 100 meters. Entrance fee 50 SEK.

Hey, I have no board!

Cool, no problem:)
There will be boards available to lend.


SUP-race competition class

Will be announced


Prizes will be raffled. Watch out, there might be some surprises coming up 😉


Will be presented when we getting closer to race day.

Race area

Information will come as soon as we have decided were the area will be situated.

Rules and competition management

Competition is organized in accordance with international SUPrace competition rules.

Competition management members, supported by national SUPrace competition manager Peter Johanson, are

Please contact us at supkarlskrona@gmail.com if any questions.

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