SUP-festival, in English

The picturesque seaside town of Karlskrona comes alive in the begining of August when Karlskrona Municipality hosts the traditional ”Karlskrona Skärgårdsfest”. Every year market vendors congregate in and around Karlskrona’s ”Great Square” to sell their crafts. Food tents are erected offering a smörgåsbord of international cuisine and in the evening the beer tents open and top swedish artists take over the main stage and the party continues through the night.

In the midst of the food and entertainment during the day the local sport clubs display and offer free activities such as skateboarding, skimboarding, parkour, kayak paddling, the list is just too long! The Tivoli and ”Circus Island” keep even the youngest family members entertained.

This year Eskimo Kayak Club/ SUP Karlskrona have the honor of hosting ”Karlskrona SUP Festival” at the heart of the Karlskrona Skärgårdsfest. It is our aim to showcase the sport of Stand Up Paddling in all of its forms!

* Elit Paddle Board Racing – Swedish National Championship
The sport that is taking the world by storm! With the World Championships being hosted in Copenhagen (just 2 1/2 hrs drive from Karlskrona) in September this will be one of the last opportunities for elit padders to test their stamina and technique on our distance course, approx. 10km, and technical course, approx. 4km.
This competion is the official Swedish National Championship! Though international paddlers will show up to test the waters!

* Amateur Paddle Board Racing
For those that are interested in testing paddle board racing. Similar to the elit race just a bit shorter! Any board goes.

* Super Sprint Racing
Paddle as fast as you can 100m straight forward! Anyone can do it and anything can happen. All race fees go in the jar, and as Abba says ”The winner takes it All!”

* Paddlers Lounge
A place for competitors to hang out, relax and mingle with paddle buddies. We leave the rivalries for the water!

* SUP yoga
What better way to stretch after a full day of activities than floating on a board in the heart of this beautiful town.

Read all about the competition and how to sign up!

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